2 thoughts on “Zzane and Irene are Getting Married!

  1. Hey Guys,

    Here’s a website to get you started on your wedding way. I love you both, and am stoked to be Zzane’s best man. Can’t wait for you guys to start your life together!

    Love you both,


  2. My daughter….. I’m having the chills…. My tears are flowinggg… I still can’t truly, realize nor materialize, yet, the fact that my 1st born baby is getting married already! I can still see you as the princess in those cute pinkish dresses, dancing and singing for “Remy Bandali, is that her name?” remember?? My Nannousseh, you will always be my very special “Nannoussti”! May God Bless and unite you and Zzane in Him for ever and ever! I’m so proud and love you Both sooo dearly.
    The Lord has Graced each one of you with an eternal gift that is Priceless, “True Love”! Guard it! You are always joyfully in our prayers… keep us in yours. knock, knock….

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